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Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service was formed in 1980 and was housed in the garage building behind the Peru Police Department. The service was 100% volunteer. EMTs responded from their homes to the ambulance building and went to the call from there. The fleet consisted of two ambulances. The Service provided emergency transport to the hospital and also began to do non emergency transports and hospital to hospital transports.

By 1997 the call volume began to increase as the volunteer ranks dwindled. As a result the first paid staff for the service was hired to augment coverage.

In 1998 the Current home of Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service was built. The building is now named the Patricia Jacklovich Memorial Building, in memory of Patricia A Jacklovich who was a founding member, and Director of the service from 1984 until the time of her death in 2003

One Year later in 1999 Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service advanced from the Basic level to the EMT Intermediate level. This meant more lifesaving techniques and more medications.

Currently Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service operates at the state’s highest level, Paramedic. Again this entails more lifesaving techniques and more advanced medications.

The fleet now consists of 5 ambulances, 3 of which are Paramedic level, and 2 at the Basic level. There are two non transport response vehicles. There are also Medic Bikes that are utilized for special events like the 4th of July celebration on Water Street. We also have a Polaris Ranger off road vehicle that is used for special events and search and rescue operations. As the number of Paramedics on the service increases, the ambulances will be upgraded to the paramedic level.

Learning never stops in the EMS profession and even though we have 13 Paramedics on our staff, many of the Basic and Intermediate level EMTs are currently working toward their paramedic licensure.

 Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service now employs twelve full time, five part time, and sixteen Paid On Call personnel, as well as a full time Medical Billing Administrator.  

As the call volume has risen over the years, Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service has kept up with the pace by updating to higher levels of care and keeping the community safe with highly trained Paramedics and EMTs and some of the area’s most up to date ambulances and medical equipment. A Bariatric Cot was just added to the list of equipment. This lets us provide care to patients of larger size with more safety and dignity as well as safety for our Staff.

Peru Volunteer Ambulance Service has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last thirty years and as the EMS field changes, one thing has remained the same. Our caring, dedicated, professional staff of Paramedics and EMT’s.

Please stop by and see us. We would love to give you a tour of our facility.